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Sedia Systems

R40 Auditorium Chair

Developed as an alternate to the J 30 the R40 utilizes a rectangular profile that gives it a monolithic appearence favored by Architects and Interior Designers.

Evolutionary Design

The R40 was designed to incorporate the same ergonomic seat and back design employed on the J30 but with a different istallation scheme that has been redesigned to integrate with the overall form of the chair. The R40 allows for the floor anchor components to be installed before the arm standards are attached. This simplifies installation and eliminates the need for a foot cover.  

Optimum Flexibility

Each arm standard is designed with the ability to inset panels featuring hard wood, upholstery to match the seat and back or they can be ordered with a wide range of laminate choices. The arm standards come with or without an anti-panic tablet surface. In addition, arm standards are designed to incorporate power modules, USB ports and data ports.

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