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Sedia Systems

M60 Swing Away Seating

From its inception, Sedia Systems has cultivated a culture of design. The college and university market was ripe for a company with vision and insight into the needs of the facilities manager, the student population and the A & D community. What Sedia needed was a core product system for auditoriums that would leverage that insight and experience into a world-class design solution for the North American market.

Satisfying Many Needs

Sedia challenged us with the idea that a fixed seating solution would have to be durable, flexible and beautifully simple. We learned that the cost associated with the manufacturing and installation would be critical to the success of the system. Our solution was to develop a flexible system comprised of simple geometric forms that would integrate with any room decor. The seat arms are designed to accept any cylinder-mounted seat commercially available.

Powering Education

Power and data components are integrated through the pedestals and the underside of the table surface allowing for the discreet delivery of power and data to each student.

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