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Pogo Pen

Papermate has been providing progressive, performance-driven writing instruments for more than 50 years. When a supplier approached them with an innovative pen mechanism, they turned to us to develop a fresh new design for the “Tween” market.

Using Form To Inform

Our human centered approach brought out the need for a grip design that would allow kids with smaller hands to properly grip the pen.


The design features an over-molded tri-lobe grip that visually tells them where their fingers should be placed. We accentuated the break line between the grip and body to indicate pulling the body away from the grip opens the pen. This unique mechanism allows for the pen to be compact when closed and elongated when open.

Inspiring a New Generation

Although the pen appeals to the Tween market because of its bright colors, soft grip and unique mechanism, it is the tri-lobe grip that will aid them in the development of proper penmanship.

Helping Seniors with Empathic Design

The ergonomic grip has also benefited the elderly with arthritic hands.  The size and tri-lobe grip allow them to more easily hold the pen when writing. 

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