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Kiddie Safety

Silhouette Low Profile Smoke Alarm

While most smoke alarms are considered eyesores, protruding from the ceiling, and obnoxiously chirping when the battery needs replacing, this is not so with the Silhouette Low Profile Smoke Alarm. 

A Thinner Profile

Research revealed that low battery chirps were one of the leading complaints by consumers and while size and bulk are limited, the Silhouette Low Profile Smoke Alarm addresses that as well.   A 10-year lithium battery sealed inside eliminates the battery issues and allows for a slim profile for the interface bezel. Morrow design worked closely with Kidde engineering to develop the ideal location for the user interface elements while maintaining the proper component spacing and UL smoke intake requirements. We also created the soft square foot print that is distinctly different from all other smoke alarms.

Inspired Accolades

As a result of our effort, the award winning design of the Silhouette low profile smoke alarm has been honored with both a Good Design award and the Appliance Design Magazine “Excellence in Design” Silver award. 

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