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Image Industries

Contact and Gap Stud Weld Tools

Image Industries was looking to develop a new contact and gap stud weld tool. Their vision was to design a common hand piece that would adapt to  both configurations. The industrial design brief called for an ergonomically superior hand piece that would work for both versions of the tool and be as light as possible to avoid operator fatigue.

Fits Like A Glove

We developed a smoothly contoured body featuring an ergonomic design of the handle that will comfortably fit the largest range of operators. Our engineering team developed a unique adjustment feature that makes changing the plunge fast and effortless and a rear gap adjustment for simplified, quick setting changes.

Inspiring a New Standard

These tools have set the standard for ergonomic weld tool design and have become the best selling tool for Image Industries. Compact and lightweight, the weld tools can be used even in the tightest weld areas and the operator can make adjustments easily and conveniently on-the fly- without additional tools.

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