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Criticare Systems

eNgenuity Vital Signs Monitor

Criticare Systems manufactures a variety of oxygen and vital signs monitors for the global health care market. Given our 25 years of medical product design experience and having designed severalmonitors for Criticare, they naturally turned to Morrow Design for a human centered solution.

A Simple and Friendly Monitor

Patients are typically anxious when they visit a doctor or need to have surgery. Our team was asked to design this monitor to be perceived as friendly and non-threatening. Our solution was to create an overall form that emphasizes the display and interface controls with a stepped back rear enclosure that minimizes the mass associated with the battery and electronic components. The display is unified with the controls by the use of form and color. 

Inspired Fit

The eNgenuity is a compact and user-friendly platform that utilizes a common enclosure and control interface with multi-lingual labeling across a range of models. The compact footprint allows the monitor to fit into the confined spaces of today’s hospitals and doctor’s offices.

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