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Gamebender Coding System

Designed in bright red with a playful bananas theme, GameBender’s new system includes a game controller, matching console, advanced augmented reality camera, 3D glasses and easy-to-use code flash cards that help kids write their first code stacks, also known as “glitches.”

How do you make learning fun?

You create an open source platform and partner with Scratch to allow kids to unleash their creativity during gameplay and to create a path into coding that looks more like a party or an art class and less like homework. You can do that by taking a game from Scratch’s community and “bend” it, or modify it with your own art or your own image and make it your own. As such, GameBender is ideally suited for the community of “modders,” or gamers who modify other games.

Console Development

JoyLabz, the inventors of Maky Maky and other educational games, wanted to have an exposed pc board as the top of the console to reinforce the brand message that coding is fun. Working with the in house software team and other collaborators executing the electronics, manufacturing and graphic design, we were tasked with developing the vision of a simple Plug and Play system console that incorporates the brand message and screams fun!

Gamebender Console
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