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Braeburn Systems

Digital Thermostat Line

Braeburn Systems, a global supplier of air quality systems, asked us to undertake the industrial design for a line of digital thermostat products. The new line incorporates touch screen models that feature a “speed bar” for intuitive temperature adjustment as well as models with traditional control buttons.

Design Sensibility

Our strategy was to evolve the design language we developed for their introductory range of thermostats in a way that would allow for the inclusion of all models into a broad range of products that satisfy the feature and price point categories desired by the wholesale market.

There's an app for that

In addition to the development of the hardware we were also tasked with the graphic user interface design of the Blue-Link application for the web enabled models in the line. We worked closely with the marketing and engineering teams to develop a user friendly application that works for both the Android and IOS operating systems.

Inspired Results

The new line has been so well received by customers that Braeburn is positioned to become one of the top three manufacturers of thermostats in the United States.

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