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Kickstand Portable Projector

The Kickstand Portable Projector has been honored with the 2013 Spark Gold Award, IDA Second Prize and a Good Design Award. The projector was also a finalist in the IDEA Awards. 


Since replacing the slide projector in early 1990 the LCD projector has become the standard method of image projection worldwide. Although there are dozens of products to choose from and a variety of performance specifications available, aesthetically they are similar and uninspiring. BEM Wireless requested an innovative design that would seamlessly convert from transport mode to “in-use” in a few simple steps. The Kickstand portable, with its innovative form and intuitive user interface creates a user experience unlike any other projector.

The integration of Form + Function

As a team, we challenged each other to consider the user experience at every step of the process. We wanted to integrate form and function by designing the handle and frame protect to conceal the controls and connectors. We carried that further by making the remote control double as the lens cover. To set up the projector you simply deploy the kickstand, rotate the projector to the desired angle and like magic the controls and connector ports are revealed. The Kickstand LED based projector is small enough to fit in your briefcase yet powerful enough to project a wide screen image 90 feet wide. A digital light processing (DLP) LED light engine was utilized to conserve energy and last for the life of the projector. 

Inspired Design

The Kickstand portable projector has re-defined the projector category with its innovative form, intuitive user interface and bold contemporary styling. 

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