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Advanced Analytical

Fragment Analyzer

Advanced Analytical manufactures proprietary instrumentation for use in research laboratories around the world. The fragment analyzer isolates DNA fragments for medical research, crop science improvements and genetically related disease.

The DNA Of Design

Having designed a previously successful system for Advanced Analytical, they naturally approached us with a need to convert their engineering prototype into a compact, technically advanced commercial instrument. The prototype was a good functional test bed for the science but it was not designed for manufacturability. Our team approached the problem from the inside out. We started with the design of an internal sheet metal chassis that would incorporate the mechanical, electrical and chemical components of the system into a cost effective solution. In tandem with the internal component layout we developed a series of external concepts for the enclosure. The selected design features a compact footprint with an optimized user interface in a clean contempory package.

Inspired Response

Because of its flexibility and user-focused interface, the new Fragment Analyzer has become another successful product that Advanced Analytical provides to some of the most high profile cancer research facilities in the world.

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